Silver Linings: Because our pension beneficiaries really do matter

The Competition

A think > do competition for brainwaves and business plans to make care for older generations sustainable


Brainwaves: £500 each for the 8 best brainwaves
Business Plans: £10,000 to the winning entry, and £5,000 to 2x runner-up entries

Senior care is currently unsustainable, and the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed society’s inability to protect our oldest and most vulnerable citizens in our various care systems.

The Silver Linings: Because our pension beneficiaries really do matter Competition is looking for new, investible, implementable ideas in terms of how care for older generations might be re-thought, re-worked, joined-up and importantly financed – to have positive impact on the individuals themselves, society in general, and that can be/become more environmentally friendly, and improve longevity, quality of life and wellbeing overall.

We are agnostic on how this could be achieved.
We are looking for investable ideas that could, (with further input, if required), be translated into practical solutions to solve problems in care of older people.

Why now?

The competition is being organised by Responsible Investor (Hugh Wheelan, Co-founder and Joint Managing Director) Sally Bridgeland, FIA (trustee, non-executive director and adviser) and Dr Rachel Melsom, MBBS, BSc. (Director, Medical Matrix Consulting, and practicing physician with a special interest in Older Persons Care).

Having spent our careers in the world of pensions, investment, sustainability and the medical and caring professions, we know that providing and financing good, long-term care is a problem that looms large like a menacing shadow, but is not currently getting the required attention.

And yet it is really at the heart of everything we do: our pension savings systems are designed (at their best) to provide financing for a decent standard of care during the latter period of life.

We believe that as financial practitioners we can help broaden public awareness of the issue, by working together with those in the frontline providing the required care and support. Together, we can identify some of the core problems (social, technological, environmental, financial), and more importantly, work together to deliver some of the best thinking from the corporate and financial worlds to help be part of genuinely sustainable and investable solutions.

To do this, we have looked back at a responsible investment competition idea we were first involved in back in 2003: Investing as if the long-term really did matter; generally shortened to the Long-term Investment Competition.

This new competition, 17 years on, titled: Silver linings: Because our beneficiaries really do matter, addresses the issue that senior care is currently unsustainable and needs investable ideas to help it become sustainable.

How it works

A think > do competition is one where we collect ideas (Brainwaves) and Business Plans as ‘catalysts’ that we then present to investors at an ‘event’ with the aim of taking them to investable projects (see next steps)

The competition has two goals:

Timeline and Judges

Competition Launch:
January 2021

Submission of Brainwaves:
April 30, 2021

Short list Brainwaves announced
May 14, 2021

Silver Linings Digital Event, Brainwave winners announced
May 24, 2021

Submission of Business Plans
By January 9, 2022

Short list Business Plans announced
January 27, 2022

Business Plan winners announced
February 10, 202

Interdisciplinary Judging Panel

We have a small but highly experienced panel of judges.

The panel is collated from a variety of disciplines and includes judges from pension funds, all judges will assess the Business Plans, and be invited to comment on them to determine the winners.

NB: The judges will be aiming to select investible plans that can be taken forward by interested parties!

Social media:
Twitter handle: @Ideas4Silvers
Linked in: Silver Linings Competition

The Silver Linings conference

We will host a dedicated event on February 10, 2022 to showcase the Business Plan entries and bring together inter-disciplinary professionals, companies and financial institutions to ask questions about the entries and crowd-test some of the ideas with a Dragon’s Den-style judging of the winning/best entries. We hope, Covid restrictions allowing, for this to be an in-person event.

The aim of the event will be to develop awareness, promote the leading ideas in the Competition and lead investors to seek out investable ideas and opportunities.

The winners of the Competition will be announced at the event.
Register here to find out more

What happens after the Competition and Conference Event?

Further development and implementation plans following the Competition are for the winner/shortlisted entries and interested third parties, to determine.
But, the aim of the Competition is to seek catalyst ideas that can then be developed into solutions that help make older persons care across a breadth of areas sustainable.
To that end, we will be looking at ways in which we can support this process during and after the Competition.

One way is via:
Practical Assistance: During the Competition we will be seeking offers and pledges to contribute skills which where required can help evaluate and develop the ideas received in the Competition and make them happen (i.e. become investable products). We will be looking for input specifically from those with knowledge of areas within the finance sector that can be leveraged to improve ideas, thoughts, and developments from a finance sector perspective.
And we will be seeking help from anyone who has knowledge and experience of older generations needs, across multiple sectors, to ensure inclusion of developments in affiliated areas such as design, technology and more.

Please do join our “Silver Linings Competition” on LinkedIn to find out how you can help.