£500 each for the 8 best brainwaves

The Brainwaves are open to a broad public audience beyond the finance sector. The aim is to make the competition accessible, open to receive statements of real world problems in older generations needs, and encourage smart solutions. As we receive Brainwaves, we will promote them on social media.

Entries for short Brainwaves need to highlight a key problem and provide an inspired solution in an older generations care context. Brainwave solutions describe smart ideas in clear, accessible, straightforward terms.

A Brainwave Award submission is formed of two parts

An Identified Problem + An Idea to address the problem

1. Describe the problem.

The first part of a brainwave entry should identify a problem that currently needs attention, or is a (future) gap in the actual or financial provision of solutions for older generations

Like what?

The problem part of the ‘Brainwave’ could be identified from real life experience i.e. parents/grandparents, pension beneficiaries, individuals worried about their future life as they get older; or those of a main care provider to a loved one right now, or they may be identified by healthcare professionals, population academics or economic specialists, or by futurologists who can see problems that may be heading our way.


2. Articulate the idea(s) that could form (part of) the solution = The Brainwave

The exciting, creative Brainwave element is the suggested solution to the problem identified.

Q1: Are there any limits to the scope?

No! We are open to Brainwaves from across the entire range of issues, including but not limited to: social, economic, health, residential, financial, technical in the context of older people and how we enhance their wellbeing and longevity.

Q2: What should a Brainwave look like, and how do I enter my Brainwave into the competition?

Any format is acceptable for a Brainwave as long as it can be uploaded to the competition website! Words, pictures, short movies (max 60 secs), podcasts (max 60 secs) – the idea can be presented in any form the author feels best able to communicate it.

Any format and all levels of creativity are accepted – the Brainwave itself is the key to success.

‘Short and Sweet’ is the key to get the idea across easily. All levels of sophistication and completion are welcome. A brainwave can be fully formed, in incubation, or still in need of work input.

An example could be:

  • Problem identified: I’m looking after a parent/grandparent as a regular carer, but I really do need more time to myself. However, I need to know my parent/grandparent who has dementia is safe while I am out.
  • Brainwave: an innovative system that is linked into an alert /call trigger if they press a button or open the door to go outside, etc.

Q3: Will anyone else see my idea?

Yes, we’ll be going viral with the Brainwaves: As we receive entries to the competition, we will promote them via Responsible Investor, social media and communication channels to build interest in the competition.

We will gather the entries in a way which makes it easy for those who are interested in, or taking part, or supporting the competition, to ‘share’, ‘like’, and add comments/ideas; notably via social media and on the competition website: Ideas4silvers.com

This crowdsourcing response will also feed in to:

How the Brainwaves will be judged:

Brainwaves will be judged, and prizes awarded on the creativity of the solution and its ability to address the identified problem.

The goal of the competition is to rethink the issues together, and find solutions to identifiable and solvable problems.

The contributors must identify themselves to be in the running for a prize!

Brainwave submission form

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  • Brainwave: 200 words
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