The Winner of The Brainwave of Brainwaves, Anvam Nagpal, as voted for by the audience at The Brainwave Winners’ event on 24th May 2021, talking to Hugh Wheelan and Dr Rachel Melsom about his inspiration behind his winning brainwave “Prescient”.

Brainwave Winners shortlist 2021

pdf: all brainwaves submissions


Creating Vibrant, Realistic Age-Specific Role Models

Provide seniors with real-life role models who demonstrate it is possible to age healthily & happily. @upliness is a membership site, which offers expert advice from professionals and interviews with "ordinary" real-life seniors living life to the full.

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Website & social app matching 'children' who live far from their parents with someone else's senior relatives nearby. Care/contact provided to a local senior person & both sets of children know someone is doing the same for their relative(s)

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I'll cook for you!

Cooking for one is a drag. Cooking for others is fun. An app that brings together small groups of like-minded seniors who enjoy cooking, to come together & take turns cooking for each other.

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Multi-generational living

Encourage, promote, protect, & incentivise multi-generational living by either buying property together or bringing elderly
relatives into the family home. Create an investment vehicle that encourages this action & protects rights going forward.

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Peer to Peer Health Support

A programme to train older adults as Community Health coaches to provide easily accessible personalised health & lifestyle support to other older adults, with the intention of improving the quality of life for both

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A noninvasive wearable device, for age group 75+ to manage the difficulties that come with incontinence. Designed to prevent rather than cure. The device predicts the level of urine in the body & sends out an alert to both user and selected family member or carer.

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Silvee | Technology-Assisted Retirement Coaching Programme

'Silvee', a technology-assisted retirement coaching programme to helps future retirees understand needs & goals, prepares person-alised action plans & coaches them through the transition to promote stability & wellbeing.

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The Upternship Program

An internship for older workers. Giving older workers a chance to showcase their experience and transferable skills. Designed to bypass the standard hiring process & highlight the fast track impact they could make.

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Communities-in-Tune: Where words fail, music speaks

Older people are vulnerable to social isolation or loneliness. Com-munities-In-Tune can stream personal music into people’s homes, & include friendly direct messages from their GP, family, friends & community.

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CRAFTernoon Tea

An at home traditional afternoon tea enjoyed whilst undertaking an activity such as arts & crafts or play games. Befriending type services often feel awkward & forced, structuring around an activity breaks barriers.

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Doubling down on volunteering

Creating a volunteering system similar to that of the vaccine rollout marshalls, who can help combat the loneliness faced by the elderly. Volunteers can be based out of GP practices providing companionship & help organise meals either in pairs or groups.

Gaining impact and value from the Brains trust

Help to promote the value of the older generation's life
experiences in the eyes of the young by connecting them via online mentoring or linking older people as a resource to schools to provide insight for history or social projects.

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Help me guru!

Connecting seniors needing assistance with simple IT support to a fellow local tech savvy senior in a one button interaction on smartphone. One click support via video call, or a neighbourly drop-by. Helping others & helping yourself is empowering!

Neighbour Hunting

A community service that offers daily surprise walking plans for elderly people. It provides a safe way for older adults to meet new friends and discover new things in their neighbourhood while doing simple walking exercises.

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Social Care Bonds

Create a bond whose proceeds are exclusively applied to finance new or existing projects in the elderly care space. For investors would provide attractive financial returns, relative to similarly rated government bonds, and improve the ESG profile of their investments.

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Solving the housing crisis ... one room at a time.

There are 6m+ empty bedrooms in the UK in the homes of those aged 60+. @getnestful connects those seeking affordable accom-modation with older homeowners with rooms to spare, helping more older people to age in place and create social connections.

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£500 each for the 8 best brainwaves

The Brainwaves were open to a broad public audience beyond the finance sector. The aim was to make the competition accessible, open to receive statements of real world problems in older generations needs, and encourage smart solutions. As we received Brainwaves, we promoted them on social media.

Entries for short Brainwaves needed to highlight a key problem and provide an inspired solution in an older generations care context. Brainwave solutions described smart ideas in clear, accessible, straightforward terms.

A Brainwave Award submission was formed of two parts

An Identified Problem + An Idea to address the problem

1. Describe the problem.

The first part of a brainwave entry should have identified a problem that currently needs attention, or was a (future) gap in the actual or financial provision of solutions for older generations

Like what?

The problem part of the ‘Brainwave’ could have been identified from real life experience i.e. parents/grandparents, pension beneficiaries, individuals worried about their future life as they get older; or those of a main care provider to a loved one right now, or they may have been identified by healthcare professionals, population academics or economic specialists, or by futurologists who can see problems that may be heading our way.


2. Articulate the idea(s) that could form (part of) the solution = The Brainwave

The exciting, creative Brainwave element was the suggested solution to the problem identified.